Hong Kong Weather Forecast 2024-03-18 10:00:11

Hong Kong Weather Forecast 2024-03-18T17:45:00+08:00

General Situation

An easterly airstream is affecting the coast of Guangdong. Locally, the visibility in the harbour stayed below 5000 metres in the afternoon. Besides, the cold front over the northern part of Guangdong is moving southwards gradually. It is expected to move across the coastal areas tomorrow morning.

Forecast Description

Mainly cloudy. Misty with one or two rain patches at first. Moderate easterly winds, becoming fresh northerlies tomorrow morning. Becoming cool with a minimum temperature of around 17 degrees. Bright periods in the afternoon with a maximum temperature of about 20 degrees.
Cool in the morning with a minimum temperature of around 16 degrees in the following couple of days. Dry with sunny periods during the day. Temperatures will rise progressively towards the weekend and early next week.