Hong Kong Weather Forecast 2024-03-22 10:00:11

Hong Kong Weather Forecast 2024-03-22T17:45:00+08:00

General Situation

A warm and humid southerly airstream is affecting the coastal areas of Guangdong. Locally, temperatures over the territory in the afternoon were generally two to three degrees higher than those of yesterday. Meanwhile, a band of clouds is covering southern China.

Forecast Description

Mainly cloudy with one or two showers. Coastal mist in the morning and at night tomorrow. The minimum temperature will be about 22 degrees. Warm with sunny intervals during the day. The maximum temperature will be around 26 degrees in the urban areas, and a couple of degrees higher in the New Territories. Moderate southeasterly winds.
Rather warm during the day and foggy in the morning and at night in the following couple of days. Temperatures will drop slightly midweek next week.