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Live Baltimore bridge collapses causing ‘mass casualty event’

A 1.6-mile-long bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, has collapsed after it was hit by a cargo ship, sending several vehicles into the water.

Rescue workers were searching for at least seven people believed to be in the water, said Kevin Cartwright, the director of communications for the Baltimore Fire Department.

Mr Cartwright said: “Our focus right now is trying to rescue and recover these people.”

He added that it was too early to know how many people were on the bridge but called the collapse a “developing mass casualty event”.

Videos from a live stream of the bridge showed several of its spans collapsing after it was struck by the cargo ship.

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Live Three more suspects detained over Russia terrorist attack

Three more suspects have been arrested in connection to Friday’s terrorist attack in Moscow that left 137 people dead.

Brothers Aminchon and Dilovar Islomov, as well as their father, Isroil Islomov, today attended Basmanny Court accused of aiding and abetting terrorism and were sentenced to pre-trial detention at a maximum security facility until May 22.

The defendants, who protested their innocence, are accused of being part of the ISIS Cell that conducted the attack and assisting in planning the escape of the gunmen who opened fire at concert-goers at Crocus City Hall outside Moscow.

Dilovar Islomov is the previous owner of a white Renault car with a black roof that authorities claim was the getaway vehicle for the Crocus City Hall shooters. The family trio are accused of conspiring with one of the other alleged attackers, Shamsidin Fariduni.

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Live UK wants to avoid ‘trade issues’ with China over sanctions, says Keegan

The UK wants to avoid “trade issues” with China, Gillian Keegan said this morning as she defended the Government’s cyber attack sanctions on Beijing amid a backlash from prominent Tory MPs. 

Ms Keegan, the Education Secretary, said the UK would be “firm” in its dealings with China but said there also needed to be an appreciation of the complexity of Britain’s relationship with Beijing. 

The Government announced yesterday that China state-affiliated actors were behind two cyber attacks – one on the Electoral Commission and one against parliamentarians – as it sanctioned two individuals and a company. 

Robert Jenrick, the former immigration minister, labelled the sanctions “feeble” while Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, said they were “pathetic”. 

Ms Keegan told GB News this morning: “It is a complex issue, clearly. What they’ve said is there are sanctions obviously for what the National Cyber Security Centre have said have been breaches and there are two individuals that have been sanctioned and there is some other travel restrictions as well. 

“And what Oliver [Dowden] has said is that is the first step along the way. I will be going to Cabinet after this morning round so we will be, I guess, talking about it there. But I do recognise the complexity because clearly starting some sort of trade issues is what we want to avoid as well.”

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Farmers’ protest ploughs into Westminster

As Andrew Gibson drove his John Deere tractor around the incongruous surroundings of Parliament Square, he summed up the state of British farming in one word: unreal…

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Grammar schools face being ‘swamped’ by private pupils over Labour VAT raid

Grammar schools are braced for an influx of private school pupils as parents scramble to avoid Labour’s tax raid that could result in higher fees…

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Liverpool rector quits Church of England over ‘race, gender and sexuality discrimination’

The rector of Liverpool has quit the Church of England over “race, gender and sexuality discrimination…

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Former Tory councillor used hidden cameras to film 28 women over 15 years

A former Tory councillor admitted using hidden cameras to film 28 different women during private moments, a court heard…

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