Hong Kong Weather Forecast 2024-03-28 16:00:11

Hong Kong Weather Forecast 2024-03-28T23:15:00+08:00

General Situation

Winds were weak over the coast of Guangdong today. Locally, it was mainly cloudy. There were one or two showers in the morning and sunny intervals during the day. Temperatures over the territory around noon were generally four to six degrees higher than those of yesterday. Winds will still be weak and there will be a few showers over the coast of Guangdong tomorrow. A southerly airstream will affect the region gradually in the following few days. Besides, under the influence of upper-air disturbances, there will be heavy showers and squally thunderstorms over southern China over the weekend and early next week.

Forecast Description

Mainly cloudy with a few showers. The minimum temperature will be about 23 degrees in the morning. Sunny intervals during the day with a maximum temperature of around 29 degrees. Coastal mist at night. Light winds.
The weather will become unsettled later on Saturday. Occasional showers and thunderstorms on Sunday. Still a few showers in the following couple of days.