Hong Kong Weather Forecast 2024-03-30 16:00:09

Hong Kong Weather Forecast 2024-03-30T23:15:00+08:00

General Situation

A southerly airstream brought hot weather to the coast of Guangdong today. Besides, an area of thundery showers associated with upper-air disturbances affected the northern part of Guangdong. Locally, it was mainly cloudy. There was coastal fog in the morning. The visibility at Waglan Island once fell below 1000 metres. It was hot with sunny periods during the day. Temperatures over many places rose to around 31 degrees. Upper-air disturbances are expected to bring showers and squally thunderstorms to southern China tomorrow.

Forecast Description

Mainly cloudy with occasional showers. Relatively low visibility in some areas and sunny intervals in the morning. Temperatures will range between 24 and 30 degrees. A few squally thunderstorms later. Moderate southerly winds.
Hot with sunny intervals and one or two showers in the following few days.