Hong Kong Weather Forecast 2024-04-06 10:00:07

Hong Kong Weather Forecast 2024-04-06T17:45:00+08:00

General Situation

A trough of low pressure is bringing showers and thunderstorms to Guangdong. Locally, thundery showers in the afternoon brought more than 20 millimetres of rainfall to the northern part of the New Territories and Sai Kung. Besides, an easterly airstream is affecting the coast of Guangdong.

Forecast Description

Mainly cloudy with a few showers. Showers will be heavier with isolated thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow morning. Temperatures will range between 23 and 27 degrees. Moderate east to southeasterly winds, fresh offshore at first.
Still a few showers on Monday and Tuesday. Sunny intervals in the following couple of days.