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Prince Harry ‘snubs the King’ by not wearing Coronation medal

The Duke of Sussex appears to have snubbed his father by opting not to wear his Coronation medal alongside others as he presented a military award.

Prince Harry donned four medals to record a video of himself honouring a soldier from the back door of his California home but the one featuring effigies of the King and Queen was notably absent.

His spokesperson declined to comment on why he did not wear the Coronation medal that is believed to have been awarded to him on his father’s accession last year.

The medal, made of nickel silver, was given to 400 recipients involved in the Coronation ceremonies and processions as well as serving members of the Armed Forces and emergency service workers.

Similarly, Harry did not wear the medal when he delivered a video monologue for Stand Up For Heroes in New York last November.

Relations between the Duke and the King remain strained, although is believed to have improved.

In February, Charles, 75, contacted both of his sons to tell them of his cancer diagnosis.

Prince Harry, who was at home in Montecito, made immediate plans to fly over to see him, prompting hopes of a rapprochement after a turbulent few years in which the pair have barely spoken.

In the event, the pair spent barely 30 minutes together at Clarence House before the King flew to Sandringham and the Duke returned to the US.

The Duke had not seen his father since the Coronation when they barely had time to speak.

Harry arrived in London the day before the May 6 ceremony and headed straight to the airport from Westminster Abbey, via a quick vehicle change, having spent just 28 hours in the country.

The Duke wore a dark suit and tie to record a video message for his friend, Sergeant First Class Elizabeth Marks, from Arizona, who was named a Soldier of the Year at an award ceremony hosted by the Military Times.

Pinned to his chest were his Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan, his Golden Jubilee Medal, Diamond Jubilee Medal, and Platinum Jubilee Medal.

The Duke first met SFC Marks at the 2016 Invictus Games in Orlando and said he was “honoured” to call her his friend.

The five-time Paralympic medalist, 33, suffered bilateral hip injuries whilst serving in Iraq in 2010. In 2017, her left leg was amputated below the knee.

“Good evening everyone, especially those who are serving, have served and continue to serve,” Harry said.

“I have the honour of presenting this year’s Soldier of the Year award.”

The Duke said that when he first met SFC Marks, he presented her with four Invictus gold medals that had won in swimming.

“To me, she epitomises the courage, resilience and determination represented across our service community,” he said. “And this is not just because of her swimming abilities.

“Ellie has courageously overcome every obstacle to cross her path. She has turned her pain into purpose and led through compassion and willpower, showing others that the impossible is indeed possible.”

The Duke said the soldier’s “unwavering commitment serves as a beacon of inspiration, offering hope and setting a powerful example for others to follow.”

In June 2016, when still a working royal, Prince Harry invited members of the Papworth Hospital medical team who had treated SFC Marks in 2014 to Kensington Palace.

He presented them with the 100m freestyle gold medal she had won in Orlando, which she dedicated to the team who saved her life after she fell ill during a visit to the UK for the inaugural Invictus Games.

As soon as the Prince presented her with the medal, she asked him to ensure that it was donated to Papworth Hospital on her behalf, as a mark of her gratitude for the life-saving medical care she had received.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg chased off campus by crowd of hard-Left demonstrators

Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg was chased from Cardiff University by pro-Palestine protesters on Friday evening after speaking at its conservative association.

The Tory MP was filmed being harassed by a crowd of hard-Left demonstrators as he departed the event and was rushed by security into a waiting car.

Video footage shows Mr Rees-Mogg surrounded by protesters shouting ‘Tory c–t’ and ‘shame on you’ as they waved the flags of Palestine and the Revolutionary Communist Party.

The protests had been organised by Welsh Underground Network and Cardiff Communists, two Marxist-Leninist activist groups, who said Mr Rees-Mogg was a “Zionist”.

Richard Holden, the Tory party chairman, said the “morons” had engaged in “shrill intimidatory idiocy”.

“How silly of these morons – whatever they think their cause is, they do it a disservice,” he said.

“I’m sure Jacob Rees-Mogg will have taken it in his stride but no elected politician should have to put up with this shrill intimidatory idiocy.”

Nigel Farage said the “disgraceful behaviour” showed universities have become “no-go zones for free speech”.

“Left-wing academics have caused so much of this,” he added.

Mr Rees-Mogg had been speaking in a lecture theatre at an event organised by the university’s student Conservative and Unionist Association.

The video footage shows him flanked by eight security guards as he was ushered into a car owned by the university and driven away from the demonstration.

One protester had attempted to cling to the car’s bonnet in a bid to stop the vehicle leaving before a security guard pulled them off.

‘Mogg is a notable imperialist’

In literature advertising the protest, Welsh Underground Network said it opposed all politicians speaking at the university to protect students’ “wellbeing”.

But the hard-Left group singled out Mr Rees-Mogg as “one of the most pervasive capitalists, bigots and Zionists in the UK”.

It added: “Mogg is a notable imperialist, and has routinely given his approval to the Zionists in ‘Israel’ to continue their slaughter of Palestinians. He is therefore complicit in this genocide.”

Jake Enea, vice-president of the university’s Conservative and Unionist Association, said: “This does not represent the people of Cardiff and Cardiff University. Truly disgraceful and I hope Jacob Rees-Mogg is ok.”

One student who attempted to attend the event said he had been prevented from entering the event by the protesters, who he said included members of the public, mothers with small children and members of the university’s Communist society.

“These far-Left, anti-democracy bullies stopped my attendance despite me obtaining tickets,” he said.

“I arrived at the lecture theatre five minutes early but the security guards made it clear we would not be allowed to enter until the mob had cleared off.

“The Communist society was attempting to strike a deal with the security where if they let one of their student protesters in, the rest of us who wanted to attend would be let in as well. Security declined this offer.”

Sir Jacob praised the security guards for “keeping everyone safe” during a “legitimate and peaceful if noisy protest”.

“It was a legitimate and peaceful if noisy protest,” he told The Telegraph.

“The Cardiff University security team was exemplary in allowing a lawful protest while keeping everyone safe.

“Universities ought to be bastions of free speech and as both the protesters and I were able to give our views without fear or intimidation the proper traditions of adversarial debate were upheld.”

University ‘committed to free speech’

A spokesman for Cardiff University said it had a “commitment to freedom of speech” and it would “investigate and take appropriate action against any student” found to have mistreated Sir Jacob.

“We expect our students to behave in a way that respects the university community, as well as members of the public and visitors,” he said.

“We have procedures in place to investigate and take appropriate action against any student who falls short of this expectation.”

The spokesman added: “It’s vital that we enable students to invite external speakers to discuss issues within the law, and with respect and tolerance.”

Toby Young, director of the Free Speech Union, told The Telegraph: “The right to free speech does not include the right to bully, threaten and intimidate people whose views you disagree with.

“The protesters should have engaged with Jacob Rees-Mogg at the event beforehand, where I’m sure he would have been happy to debate them.”

Jo Stevens, Labour’s shadow Welsh secretary, said: “Concerned by footage of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s treatment by protesters in Cardiff.

“I disagree with him on almost everything, but we cannot accept a culture of intimidation in our politics.

“The right to lawful protest is sacrosanct, but harassment and intimidation is unacceptable.”

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Londoners hit with 71pc increase in charges under ‘Sadiq’s stealth tax’

Londoners have seen a 71 per cent surge in charges under a “Sadiq stealth tax” during the mayor’s time in office, new figures show…

TV doctor struck off after giving Botox ‘in return for sex’

A TV cosmetic doctor who gave free Botox to a patient in return for sex at his clinic has been struck off.

Dr Tijion Esho, who has featured on ITV’s This Morning, BBC’s Morning Live and E4’s Body Fixers, admitted to an improper emotional relationship with the woman, referred to as Patient A, with whom he exchanged “inappropriate” sexual messages on Instagram.

But the 42-year-old told a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) hearing that he never had any physical sexual contact with Patient A, who provided sex services via OnlyFans and webcams.

However, an MPTS panel, sitting in Manchester, ruled earlier this month that Dr Esho did have sexual intercourse with Patient A at his clinic in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2021 and administered Botox free of charge.

The panel also found that, at a consultation months earlier, he had stroked her hair and rubbed himself against her after he made inappropriate comments on the shape of her bottom.

A year earlier, at another consultation, he made similar remarks to Patient A, again rubbed himself against her, and allowed her to masturbate him, the panel determined.

The tribunal found Dr Esho’s fitness to practise was impaired because of his misconduct.

On Saturday, the MPTS announced it had decided at a private hearing to erase Dr Esho from the medical register.

The tribunal’s reasons for imposing the sanction will be released next week.

Among the “inappropriate” Instagram messages sent to Patient A between July 2019 and February 2022 was an exchange in September 2019 when he said: “What you doing to me lol. Morning Glory. Bloody have me wanting the real thing. That’s like every man’s dream.”

In November 2019 he posted: “Why you making me bulge lol. Send more, don’t be sorry lol.”

The following month he wrote “Lol loving the tongue” and “Ha free mls [millilitres of botox] I’d need the whole booty and more”.

Weeks later he told her: “My God having you for a night/every night is a dream but if we do it for mls I break the doctors code and I’d be a dead man x lol.”

The panel ruled the conduct of the doctor, also known as Oluwafemi Esho, was sexually motivated but did not find Patient A to be vulnerable because of her profession.

Dr Esho featured on the ITV morning programme to provide his medical opinion and comment on cosmetic surgery discussions.

He was also regularly consulted on Body Fixers for E4, a channel operated by Channel 4, which aired for two seasons in 2016 and 2017, and made appearances on segments of BBC’s Morning Live until the summer of 2022.

Dr Esho is the founder of the Esho Clinic, which also has locations in London, Liverpool and Dubai, and has a host of celebrity clients.

He issued a statement following the tribunal’s finding of facts in which he admitted his conduct in communications with Patient A was wrong, but he continued to deny having sex with her.

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